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          Harry Quinn Cycles was essentially a Liverpool business, although the concern had various locations. For instance, in the mid-1980s, they were on the Ivy Tower Farm, at St Florence, near Tenby Pembrokeshire, Wales.
          Harry Quinn Cycles began as Coronet Cycles in 1890s. Harry himself was the son of the founder, also Harry, and was then joined by his own son, Peter. The 'Harry Quinn' marque was begun in the 1950s. The racing bikes were noted for their short wheelbase and steep angles, relative to other contemporaneous makes. Harry also served as the bike designer for others, including Viking cycles & Falcon.
          Harry Quinn passed away on 1st October 2010, aged 93. 

Harry Quinn serial number  REGISTRY  Updated 4.11.2015

"Ultra Light Road Machine"
Article with specs in Cycling magazine, July 24, 1963


World Champ Reg Harris, usually associated with Raleigh, seen here powering a Harry Quinn...

Harry Quinn bicycle /frame #1336, owner David Braine

1950s~60s bike #1874


 Mark Thompson's #Q1893


A late 70's ad showing a racing bike
with complete Galli group


Mark Thompson's Q 2836


Gordon Singleton of Canada wins Pan Am Gold on his Harry Quinn


Matthew Van-den-Heuvel 's Q3703

Mick Gilsenan's  Q4512.


Marin Morgan's Q4658


Dave Stoke's Q5065

Kerrin Lyons' #A0155


Harry Quinn 753 road frame serial #Q113  (Early 1980s?)

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photo19_small.jpg photo20_small.jpg photo21_small.jpg photo22_small.jpg photo23_small.jpg photo24_small.jpg
photo25_small.jpg photo26_small.jpg photo27_small.jpg photo28_small.jpg photo29_small.jpg photo30_small.jpg
photo31_small.jpg photo32_small.jpg photo33_small.jpg

Carl Wallace's # Q136
1988? "Custom built for an Abergavenny RC rider
when Harry Quinn was living in Tenby, Wales"


Bob Evans' Q268

Bill Berry's Q1125

Chris Rickard's bike #HQ12326

Roy Clarks #Q804


In 1988, Graham Coulson built his own Harry Quinn #9014
under the guidance of father & son, Peter & Harry Quinn.


1988 -John Shore also attended the Quinn frame 
building school and built, with Harry & Peter, his  #9015


"Harry Quinn" bikes not made in Quinn workshops....
Apparently in the 1980s and on, various attempts were made to cash in on
the brand name by having HQ bikes made in Ireland, in England and abroad...

Keith Thomas' Quinn which looks as if it may
have been produced to order by an outside vendor.


Japanese (?) manufactured Harry Quinn bicycle of more modest features
(images from eBay auction, Aug 2009)



     Jim Laird owns this unusual bike, a 49CM "Club Rider" made of Columbus Aelle tubing, #Q928. Purchased from The Tread Mill in Potsdam NY in 1992.  "I was told it was owned by Harry Quinn’s son and part of a fleet of track bikes that he toured the US Velodromes promoting single speed bikes."


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