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Cycling, April 1960

      NORMAN CYCLES LTD., of Ashford, Kent, have introduced new Rapide, and Super Sabre models. The Rapide, in 22 in. and 23 in.sizes, features Reynolds 53 I tubing, 72 degree parallel angles, feature cut lugs, special taper chainstays and double taper seat stays with brazed-on fittings ; oval section forks, solid fork ends, and Alatet head fittings. It is fitted with Dunlop 27 in. by l 1/4 in. chromium plated lightweight rirns and White Sprite tyres, three-pin detachable chainwheet, large flange hubs, Maes alloy handlebars on  2 in. extension, G.B. light alloy brakes, Beaugarde celluloid mudguards, and either Wright's Autograph or Brook's B.15 saddle.  Finish is flamboyant Burgundy or Lime green with contrasting panels. With Benelux Mark 7 five-speed gear the price is E23 14s. ; with the Benelux Super 60, L25 15s. 6d.
     The Super Sabre has 73-71 degree angles and is offered in either 22in. or 23in. frame sizes. Wheels are Dunlop 27in. by 1 1/4 in. with Dunlop Speed tyres, bars are Maes pattern on a 2 in. stem, brakes are by G.B., and the mudguards are Beaugarde. The Super Sabre is finished in flamboyant Flanders blue with contrasting panels. The price, with Benelux 6ve-speed Mark 7 gear, is just  L19 19s.