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Alex Moulton tried to single handedly revolutionize
the cycling world! To some marque enthusiasts, he
nearly pulled it off! These unusual small wheel bicycles offer ful front and rear suspensions and an evolving
frame of equally odd design. The development continues to this day.

Dr. Alex Moulton passed away on Dec 9, 2012 at the age of 92.
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1964 Huffy-Moulton Catalog


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Racing Moultons?
A rider at speed on a racing format Moulton as featured in Ron Kitchings hand book of Cycling, 1960s. This bike has "sprints & tubs", i.e., tubular (sewup) tires & rims...


From the

will modernise Your Moulton

Three  special models, all with tread re-commended

by MOULTON-ribbed centre with File pattern sides,
6 ozs.  Suitable for training.
6 ozs.   Suitable for time trials.
6 ozs.  Suitable for road racing.

Model M-Club
is a wired-on HP section rim to fit the
new HP tyre. In dura-lumin drilled 28/28.
Model M-Weltmelster
is a wood insert sprint rim to fit the special Milremo tubulars.

And to complete the modernization of your MOULTON fit:
T.A. - the world's best transmission
Dural Crank Set complete (9 crank lengths available). With Dural Chainwheel 51--68 teeth. (Sizes above 68 teeth-priced at rate per each tooth.)

Daniel Rebour'rendering
of a sporty Moulton