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To establish date of manufacture:
"Mercian frame numbering consists of the number of the frame built that year followed by the year of manufacture, sometimes this system was reversed to have the year of manufacture first."
"For instance 26876 would be the 268th frame built in 1976, so obviously your frame wasn't built in 1933 or 1937, also there should be a single number near the main frame number denoting the builder of the frame."

                                                                        Nick Henderson

There is a very interesting Mercian chapter in The Custom Bicycle Book by Denise de la Rosa / Kolin Book.

The "Bike Brothers" give us a Pictorial Shop tour!

Pics taken from late 1970's Catalog; models "Pro", "Superlight" and "Olympic"


John Crump's 1950s bike
 as seen at the Cirque du Cyclisme 2006


Ian Skinner's very interesting model "Olympique"


Scott McCaskey's Vincitore 


Mercian model Olympic..
Note sculpted Wagner fork crown, Prugnat lugs and long Campag dropouts...


John Tisdale's Nervex lugged frame set.

Charles O'Toole's stunning Vincitore model...


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