Macleans Featherweight Cycles
Place of business in 1949:

362-3 Upper Steet, Angel N1. Tottenham Depot,  258 High Road N15

  Macleans were a highly respected builder originally founded about 1919. They occupied a number of premises before ending up in Upper St., Islington. Among their offering was a very fancy lugged frame, the Apollo starting about 1954. They continued in the same hands right through to the early 1960s, until the firm succumbed in Nov, 1962 and the name was acquired by Holdsworthy Limited.
                                                                             (Thanks to Hilary Stone)

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A Maclean at speed in the 1960s

Martin Hanczyc's 1950s Club bike


1960s model Apollo head lugs


Restored Apollo frameset
pictures courtesy Hilary Stone

Maclean bicycle on display at 2006 Cirque du Cyclisme


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