Bicycle Frame serial numbers

Placed in ascending serial number order...
serial numbers on bicycles built for Condor
and Mal Rees do not follow the below pattern.)

Updated  9.26.2015



Serial number

Approximate date of manufacture
(estimates made by owners)

Fred Warner  "...built for me in Billís workshop in Herne Bay.
Used for racing 1963 to 1972."
373 1963
David Hibberd
(owned since 1959)
Hurlow built Condor, made in Hurlow's workshop in Hackney, London. Bill claimed it as his making at Ripley in 2002. Pictures  550 1950
  W B Hurlow track frame
D 22.2 E38

Built by Bill for David Harmes
of Thanet Road Club in 1965, he used it  time trialling and grass track.

Andrew Long Hurlow built Condor,23" c to c  road frame with the period Condor badge, 1A lugs and Campagnolo f & r dropouts,  double scallops seat stay caps.  
 under BB shell just ahead of & perpendicular to the right chain stay, + on steerer.  
Bought from the second owner who bought it in 1958 when he raced with the London Met (Police) team 1956 
Ken Sanford Path racer 5966 1959?
Dale Brown Track, orange Pictures 164235 1964
Dale Brown Road, with WBH fancy lugs Pictures 16621 1966
Dale Brown Touring, orig. paint; yellow with green panels  Pictures 16915 1969
Marty Walsh Touring, full chrome 16933 1969
Jean Smith Road, fillet brazed 'fastback'  16943  
Diana Byrne Orig owner was Macy Allen of Baltimore, Md. one of the founding members of the Baltimore Bicycle Club in the mid 1960's  Pictures 16945 1969
Dale Brown Lugless, full chrome (main brushed, stays high polished) Pictures 17011 1970?
Steve Lloyd  Lugless, full chromed 17051 ?
Tom Dorset Lugless, 22 1/2" 17052

 June, 1970
"...picked me up at Heathrow Airport and got me on my way riding across England into France"

Kevin Kruger Road, full chrome  Pictures 172102 1972
Dick Howard

# on the bb and steerer

17710 1977

Bikes made under the SW Cotten brand do not
follow the WB Hurlow serial number pattern...

Marty Walsh   262 ?
Eric Baker 22"  Pictures 5037 ?
Bailey Garfield SW Cotten, road, 21 1/2" labeled 13742 ?

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