Started by Frank Hopper in 1880. In 1896, Frank sold out to an investment company, which hired him as manager of the now A.B.C. Cycle Fittings Company Ltd.  In a year he left and set up a new factory named the Hull and Barton Cycle Manufacturing Company.
   Franks original company,  the A.B.C Cycle Fittings Company failed in 1898, and Fred and his partners bought back the original business, and resumed trading as F. Hopper & Co. merger in 1913 of the Elswick and Hopper cycle companies.
   In 1910, the trademark of the bankrupt Elswick Cycle Company of Newcastle were bought. The company went ahead and marketed under the separate brands of Hopper and Elswick, using different dealers to give greater market penetration.
   With the bike boom subsiding, the company fell on hard times and was re-organized in 1913 as The Elswick Hopper Cycle and Motor Company Ltd. Fred Hopper died in 1925, his son taking control and continued haltingly until 1958.
   Another reorganization took place and finally in a cost saving move, Coventry Eagle company moved in to share factory space, and eventually became Flacon alone. The Elswick brand finally disappeared in 1984.

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Factory in 1937


1950s top model w 531.

1953 ad in Cycling
for Lincoln Imp


Wanted: details and pics of an original Hopper "Vampire " bicycle

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