A Great Tradition


A Quick History:

- Hyman (Harry) Hetchin started his bike shop in the 1920's.

- Jack Denny, master builder, joined in 1934.

- Hyman applied for patent for curly stays on Nov. 20, 1934.

- Production started in 1935.

- Hetchins frames were sold through a network of dealers and a large number of frame builder's were employed to meet demand.

- Production began to decline from about 1953 as cars became more popular.

- Hyman Hetchin died Oct. 19,1961 and the business was taken over by his son Alf.

- Following the "compulsory purchase" (condemned by government to build a highway) of the Tottenham shop, Alf moved the business to Southend-on-Sea in 1974. 

- Alf sold the business in 1985 and for a while both he and Jack continued supervise frame building at Bob Jackson's in Leeds.
- Jack Denny died on August 4, 1991.

- Alf Hetchin died in 1996.  
- The Hetchins Company is managed by David Miller in Preston, Lancashire

1937 "Wembley Six Day Team" Hetch (the Guvnor), Van Kempen,
Cor Wals and trainer


1936 Lightweight Cycle Show, Horticulture Hall, London


Hetchins Anglo-Continental model, fitted with Osgear 1938


Corky O'Brien and Rodman. U.S. track stars both riding Hetchins 1937


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