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Poster... Key fob from the Southend-on-sea  shop... head badge styles


"Italianate" bike details.


Len Ingram's Hellenic 


Brian Baylis' Mixte


Model "Vade Mecum" #27979


Joe Lee's Experto Crede bikes, track & 1956 bike & 1959  letter to Mr. Lee


Magnum Bonam  #H28114

Magnum Opus, 26 1/2" (!) 1968, largest Magnum Opus
 that the original Hetchins Co. ever built. 
Photos courtesy Alexander Von Tutsche


David Poole's Experto Crede Italianate II   #H7056


Vade Mecum II


Magnum Bonam # H8116
Track bike with Vade Mecum Mk I lugwork #H9124
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