46 Stoke Road, Slough,  Buckinghamshire
"Very popular frame in the late 60s 70s especially around the Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire areas."
Updated 11.18.2010                                 Special thanks to Geoff "Jaffa" Orange

Biography by Geoff (Jaffa) Orange HERE   

Photo of Jack taken in the late 1960s.

J.H. Cycle example built 1968-70
Touring model with m/grd clearance,resprayed by "Roberts-London" 1991


Very clean blue road frame set.

Unorthodox configuration 



Road bicycle


Bruce on lead

Track bike for the Commonwealth Games

Three styles of J.H. bikes as ridden by Eddie Adkins :

Traditional style Time Trail bike...

 Time Trail bike with sloping T/T and cut off H/bars

Road racing bike

Eddie Adkins 25 T/T Champion


Eddie Adkins on an early J.H.Cycle at speed.

  Andy's first fastback frame built up

Prototype frame built up.


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