Frame serial number registry as submitted by owners

 Peter Quinn (Harry's son) writes "The (remaining) frame book which I have only starts at August 1972 with frame number Q2750 (unfortunately earlier books were lost ) but it goes right up to our last frame built on 28th August 1993.

Placed in ascending serial number order
210 bikes as updated 9.4.201


Description, special features Serial number Est. year of manufacture or purchase?

Bob Bromley

24" frame, 73/71 angles, Nervex lugs.
Pencil wrap over seat stays,
Orig. color "Eau-de-nils"

(no 'Q')

Built for Mr. Bromley,
Feb 1958
(Price 17 Guineas)

Paul Coker Road w Nervex lugs, GB bars, Brooks Swallow saddle. Huret 5 speed.
"Made for my uncle, Ian Davidson, who used it to race between Liverpool and Manchester in the 50s."
M72957 Approx 1952 or 1953.

Malcolm Verity

23½” road frame with Campag ends originally silver (to look like the bike of Federico Bahamontes, winner of the Tour de France)


original owner, built 1959 or 1960.

Malcolm Hayes

 25" frame w/Nervex lugs, Reynolds  531.  


Made for David Carr of Southport circa 1960 

Alan E. Negus

 "Pale blue 531 with Nervex professional lugs....It had no 531 badge, and the makers name 'HARRY J QUINN' was hand painted on the down tube (in the hope that that would make it go faster than the 'cursive' style writing commonly used. Note that the Q was not a real Q - it was made with a 0 and a screwdriver. One 'special' feature: the rear hanger for the Mafac brake was made from part of 'butchers hook, obtained from the shop next door, and a cable stop of the sort normally brazed to a top tube. As Harry said 'you can't pull with a force equal to the weight of a bull or cow.' "


Built for me in 1962 at the Harry and J Quinn shop at 498 Rice Lane.

Colin Petty 21.5" Reynolds 531 Prugnat S lugs Q1167 1962~63?

Colin Wharry


(no Q)


John Crane

"My Father was born and bred in Walton an area of Liverpool very close to the shop in Walton Vale.
...built for me and has my name hand painted on the top tube along with my then-cycle club 'Condor Road Club'. The Specification was a replica to the then Team Harry Quinn Everyman Oil."  Pictures


"...around 1963/64"

Robert Newsham

Reynolds 531, chromed Nervex lugs, Campagnolo dropouts, 3/4 chromed stays & forks, lined with gold.

(no Q)

Made for Mike Wilkinson of Southport RCC, Merseyside Cyclo Cross Champion 1960/1961 who was to represent England in France.

Ron Jones

Walton Rd. built, elaborate lug work and slim seat stays, unusual elongated gold coloured, diamond shaped decal on the seat tube 


suspect mid to late fifties

Norman Brown Nervex lugs & Campag ends. Picture Q1314 1961

David Braine

Road, 24" frame,  Nervex lugs, Reynolds 531, off white with black decals. Picture


Early 1960s
(bought used in 1966 from a Plymouth Racing cyclist, Bill Keane

Henry Gun-Why  Reynolds 531 universal brakes , Williams cotterless chainset, Campag gears.  4411
no Q
Bought used
1969- 1971

Jamie Smith

Originally purple. Cost £17  7s 6d 


Bought new from Harry Hall cycles in October 1963. 

John-Paul Moran 

Nervex lugged in red, Reynolds 531DB. Wrap over seat stays.


 Believed 1963.

Bob Lund

Built it up with the "in-vogue" kit of the day-Mafac centre-pulls, Campagnolo L/F Q/R , Cinelli stem, Ambrosia bars   Brooks B 17


1963 at Harry Halls shop in Cathederal St. in Manchester

Steve Hamilton Track 23” parallel 72 degree angles model "Vigorelli" light blue w chrome fork tips. Unica saddle, Stronglight crankset, tubular rims, Campagnolo hubs and pedals. "Made the National Team for Trinidad to race in Venezuela in December 1964. Stopped racing and sold in 1969." Q1559 "My dad purchased this bike for me in early 1964."

Martin Thomson

Road bike  Pictures



Rodney Martin   Q1651  1975?

Andrew Davis

531 with Nervex lugs, fastback seat stays. 


Mid 1960s ?

Mike Roberts 

Nervex lugs, wrap over seat stays, Campag ends, mudguard eyes


"made for myself in 1963"


Fixed wheel , track ends, Nervex lugs, chromed rear stays chromed half front forks Pictures


"made for Mr Ernie Moore, not sure of year"   

Martin Williams

Road, 22 1/2" Reynolds 531. Chromed forks, Nervex professional lugs & half chrome seat stays, Campagnolo drop-outs



Austin Whiteside

22 1/2, red w/wrap over seat stays. Chrome fork/rear stays, Nervex pro lugs. Campagnolo Nuovo Record, Mavic wheels.

Q ( 882
(very faint, cannot read more...)


Mark Thompson

 22" black  Pictures


late 1960s?

Andrew Munro




eBay seller HarryWilks

Marked as 17-19 Walton Rd, Liverpool.



Tim Wells

23" road, campag dropouts



Mike McGaffey,

  Original Red with with white bands down seat tube, lugs trimmed with gold, chrome ends, Reynolds 531 tubing, full Campagnolo spec, Brooks seat.


Orig owner. Built in Walton Road Liverpool, and collected personally from Harry partially assembled, presumably to reduce sales tax. July 1968

Peter Bond

531DB. Bright Orange. Simple cut-out lugs. BB has a 'spade' cut-out. Original owner was a young racer who lived in Stourport-on-Severn, UK. I bought from him circa 1980.



Tony Oldham

22 ", 531 DB, Nervex Lugs, Campagnolo Dropouts, Chrome forks and ends. Pictures


"...original docket says 1968 ordered in Blue and Chrome for a Mr Donnelly at the price of 22 Pounds 2 Shillings and threppunce"

Sven Olsen




Tony Smith

Made at Walton Road originally Aircraft blue with cream panels and head tube, chromed fork ends, chain stays and head lugs.



Ian Bingham

22", original colour – champagne with kingfisher blue panel on down tube. Universal sidepull brakes, Stronglight 52 / 42 and 5-speed block. Campag record front and rear. Cinelli bars and stem, Unica plastic saddle, Fiamme rims and Campag record large flange 32-spoke hubs


Bought new from Harry Quinn in Walton Road, October 1968

Steve Milner




Andrew Hockley

Fastback stays, chrome forks, stays & head lugs, metallic purple with cream panels; marked 17/19 Walton Rd Liverpool



Colin Lloyd

 Ultra-short wheelbase  (38.5 inches) time-trial frame, vertical dropouts, f & r, round forks. (very short wheelbase meant that toe-clips overlapped the rear of the front wheel by about 2 inches. "Paid £29 ...served me well during my time-trial days in the 60's and early 70's as a member of the Oxonian Cycling Club."



Tony Smith

Made at Walton Road, originally dark yellow with green panels and head tube... now in bright white with gold lug lining.




Picture on Flickr



Chris Bertwistle Tiny with a 43cm seat tube centre to top! 531 tubing and Campagnolo ends. Q2355 (matching numbers on BB shell and fork steerer) early 80s?
Roger Cantwell 22" 531 track frame, very light and beautifully built. Originally fully chromed. Q2388  

Daniel Henrie

Labeled as Tower Cycles,   Restored as HQ wih early 60s Campagnolo, Universal 61 brakes, Ambrosio Champion stem and Lyotard pedals. Built it for Dad!


estimate 1963

John Williamson 




Rick Woodroffe 20"?  white road Q2572  
Ray Foley  20.5” road frame with “Shot-in” seat stays. Campagnolo ends.  Pictures Q2593 early 1970s?
Dean Russell Road, Campagnolo dropouts, Columbus SL, chrome front and rear. Q2595  
James Hislop Road 23" frame, drilled Campagnolo dropouts & shot-in seat stays. Orig. white with blue bands now red w gold plated dropouts.  Picture Q2599 early 1970s?

Peter Kohler 



 circa 1967?

Marty Jacobson




Niall King

Track frame, 23",  531, Campag ends. 
Full chrome, laquered in translucent cherry red candy. Fork ends, crown and head lugs are polished chrome. Head badge says Harry Quinn Ltd / 7-9 Walton Rd, Liverpool



Peter Beer




Mark Thompson

 22" red, orig. Campag NR components Pictures


early 1970s?

John Gartside

531 tubing, Campag gears, Rigida 27" wheels

NS 0186

"...bought I think early 1970s."

Gordon Singleton

Full chrome road bike, original owner former Nat/Champ Kevin Apter.



Tony Smith

Made at Walton Road. Originally Lilac with white panels



Martin Morgan

23" Reynolds 531 originally without "braze-ons" but added later when a new top tube was needed following a road race crash approximately 1976. Now equipped with "modern" drive train but all original Campag Record preserved in case of need.


owned from new from Walton Road.

Daniel Henrie

19 1/2" w/fastback stays. Pink enamel w/white seat tube bands chrome crown, head lugs, fork ends and rear ends.



Bill Kloos 

I am the second owner, first owner ordered in February of 1973 and picked up at the factory from Harry Quinn himself


 June of 1973

Ralph Cady

Track frame red with white lettering.



Elliot Coffin
(3rd owner)

Campag dropouts, chrome forks and rear drop outs.



Mark Winkelman 61cm Criterium style Reynolds 531 tubing frame. Original silver paint. Short wheelbase,  vertical rear dropouts, round front fork blades. Pictures Q2968 Built February 24, ordered by Kettering Bike Shop in Dayton, OH

Charlie Young 




Paul Croft 

Picture on Flickr


circa 1970

David White 




Chuck Hughes




Bob Valente 60cm Q3084  

Norman Hall

22” frame, light blue, vertical dropouts. "A brilliant frame made by one of the nicest people I met in the cycling world."


From Harry Quinn in 1961

Jim Langley Copper plated! Q3137  

Tony Quelch




Mick Leatt

 21" frame



John Jorgensen 



circa 1973

Steven Molnar

56 cm frame. Part of a special consignment of 10 or 12 criterium bikes sent to the U.S. Short wheelbase and high bottom bracket, even by Harry Quinn standards.

(hard to read)

1973 or 1974 ?

Vince Alkire

62cm road style frame ordered directly from the shop by Bob Sulanki on visit to England.
Never built, then bought unused from Georges Lightweight Cycles, Boise Idaho
"A long distance road racing frame". Simple lug work with shamrock cut-out on BB. Fastback style rear stay attachment. No braze-ons or eyelets.


 Bob Sulanki  ordered in 1973

Peter Robinson

Red w/ pinstriping, Reynolds 531, all original Campagnolo Nouvo Record, 3T Stem and 3T Bars 



Robert Perry

Road, pink! Picture


Orig owner
Bought from George’s Bike Shop in Boise Idaho.  "I believe it was 1973."

Dale Brown 

22 1/2" road. in orig. burgundy paint,  with Campy Sport dropouts Pictures



Vance Sprock

Road, full Campag SR Pictures


late 1970s?

David Cooper 




Mike Horwood

23" road in jade green. "When I saw Harry he didn't have any fancy 'jigs', but as I recall asked me a couple of questions and it is the most comfortable bike I have ridden."


From Harry at Walton Road on 16th August 1974 and collected it on 24th December 74.

Basil Sharpe

23" red and white, shot in seat stays, racing geometry



Ralph Cady

Track frame red with white lettering.


purchased in 1980, Dayton, Ohio

Adam & Mark

Track frame, orig. green, nor refurbished



Sean O’Hare Road 531, 21 1/2" very short 38 inch wheelbase.  Q3450--8 1973/74

Gordon Singleton

"This was my very first track bike. I bought it in Feb 1975  if I remember 150 Pd."


Feb 1975

Geoff Cuthill



circa 1977 from Graham Weigh's shop, Deeside Olympic.

Bob Winder 

23 1/2" Reynolds 531 road, beige with red seat tube panel and 2 red bands above and below panel, lugs picked out in red.


Orig owner, 1975  from Harry when he was in Walton Road, Liverpool.

Christopher Forsyth Pink and white with gold lug lining. Pictures Q3516 Orig owner in 1976 from Sugden & Lynch  Bicycles, Menlo Park, California

John-Paul Moran

Standard lugged in blue. Fastback seat stays. Unknown tubing. Has a 'Hand-built by Harry Quinn' sticker where the Reynolds one would usually go. Picture


 Believed 1975.

Dwight Spacek 60CM in original medium blue metallic with white clover leafs  in lugs and cutout in bottom bracket Q3557  

Julian Markha

Reynolds 531, 21 1/2" yellow with black bands on seat tube. Ultra short wheelbase TT model


Original owner purchased in 1981.

Shawn Thomas 

Track bike, originally owned by USA Olympian Emile "Flip" Waldteufel



Tony McArdle




Harold Quinn

Original paint and chrome, full Campagnolo Record grou, 52 cm ctt seat tube, a credit to its former owner Mr John Barnfield of Plymouth. Pictures



Phil _____




John Leonhart 22 1/2" was originally a pewter grey colour Q3818 1980 from Carlton Cycles in Vancouver

Donald Genovese

Road, red Reynolds 531 Picture



Lewis Eckett

Ridden in Isle of Man, bears the name 'Mike Kelly E.V.V.C.' on the top tube. 21" frame. 



John Siemsen 



1972? ~1976?


From The Custom Bicycle book



Neil Rimmer 

Painted purple, the badge on the front says Harry Quinn, 7/9 Walton Road, Liverpool. 22 1/2" upright, 39 " wheel base 



Alex Morgan

  Reynolds 531 SL (special lightweight tubing) and was beautiful in red. 


Orig owner, custom built for him & taken to NZ

Tom Dearman




Dean Bottrill

Road, champagne Pictures



Garry Mason Road Reynolds 531, 22 1/2” short wheelbase,  Viola enamel with white lug lining. Harry Quinn stamped in top of fork crown.

Track Frame – Q4861
Reynolds 531
22 1/2” short wheelbase
Finished in Viola with white lug lining. Harry Quinn stamped in top of fork crown.
 Q4345 custom built for me at the Walton Vale shop in the 70’s, belonged to Kirkby CC.

Rob Langley

"Built by Harry Quinn for Roy Gordon of the Solihull C.C. in the mid to late seventies.  It is a Road Racing frame built in Reynolds 753 with a 22" seat tube centre-top and a 21 1/2" top tube c-c"


in the mid to late 1970s

Alan Burns

Touring Reynolds 531 w/Nervex lugs. Fork crown stamped with "Harry Quinn". Painted on top tube 'Gavin Pettigrew,
Liverpool Mercury'.


1970s ?

Gordon Singleton

"This was made from Reynolds 753, Harry was testing it for Raleigh prior to Raleigh releasing it. Only Harry was allowed to do this. Harry gave me the bike and I raced in the Commonwealth Games 1978 and Pan American Games 1979 on this,.. won gold in both." Pictures from that race



Martin Salter 

Reynolds 531 tubing, 191/2" frame, 39" wheelbase, 'Harry Quinn' stamped top of the forks. Metallic blue, campy dropouts, cut out lugs w/white detailing. Head badge says 7/9 Walton Road.


Built on 12th May 1978 for a Mrs Batkinson of Southport

Donal Turner

Road Champion, 51 CM. , 531 tubing, , bronze with white decals, engraved fork crown, Campy 1010B chromed dropouts, "shot in" seat stays, no braze-ons, head tube decal shows Walton Road address.  Pictures


(Original owner, ordered in 1976)

David Hohm   Q4510 mid 1970s

Mick Gilsenan




Des Morgan  531 special lightweight   Q4519  

Martin Morgan

22 3/4 531SL bought for TT's and equipped with S/Record throughout. Now "mothballed" but well preserved. Picture


orig. owner, from Walton Road.

Mark Winkelman   Q4659  
Paul Prescott 58cm Road Bike Reynolds 531c SL (Super Light) Suntour & Campagnolo. Pictures Q4669. 1978
Roger Cantwell 23.5" road. No tubing decal w 27.0 seat post so Tange Champion? Neatly mitred and lugs filed - probably an entry-level frame. Metallic orange, very basic 5 speed kit (Campag Valentino mech) and Weinmann centre-pulls.  Q4694 ? Barn find

Jeff Phillips 
Former owner




Jim Rose

 23" metallic blue, Walton road decal


Built for this owner by Harry

Colin Lythe

Very short wheelbase road, filet brazed seat cluster, lugged head & bbkt. Pictures



James Paton

Nervex lugs

? No serial #

head badge says 17/19 walton rd 

David Orford

Bought in late 1982/early 1983 from Dave Lloyd Cycles, Bebbington, Wirral, Merseyside, UK Harry Quinns shop in Walton Road, Liverpool and Harry confirmed it was only 6 months old and at the time this was 1 of only 2 built to this spec.  22” frame ,  Reynolds 531, Campagnolo dropouts, crown engraved ‘Harry Quinn’. Painted in Irish Gold which has hints of purple and green. This is the ‘Galli Gold’ bike, full Galli Criterium group set in anodised gold, Galli pedals and toe clips, Cinelli handlebars and stem, gold Ambrosio Montreal 28/28 rims with Campagnolo record hubs, Regina Oro 5 speed freewheel, San Marco Concor saddle on a ttt seat post. Weighing in at about 9kg.



John Summerfield  
(since 1981)

Cyclo cross frame,  531 Reynolds tubing, originally lilac metallic with black transfers, now dark emerald flam, white transfers. 
Brazed on cantilever brake bosses, chromed front forks with 'Harry Quinn' engraved crown. 



Elie Vanvlasselaer   Q4853  
Garry Mason Track, Reynolds 531, 22 1/2” short wheelbase.  Viola enamel with white lug lining. Harry Quinn stamped in top of fork crown. Q4861 custom built for me at the Walton Vale shop in the 70’s, belonged to Kirkby CC.

Dayne Fuge

"Track custom made for Australian Commonwealth Games Gold medalist Kenrick Tucker while he was traveling through the UK and Europe racing"



Anthony Ussher  

531SL road, "Mercier" pink with chrome fork ends.  


Late 1970s

David & Niall King

Built at Walton Road Liverpool on Harry's famous 'ouija board' frame jig and had the classic HQ tight clearances. Silver with black lug lining, in Reynolds 531 with Prugnat long point lugs and Campag ends. The seat post lug was filed down completely smooth into the seat tube (but still lined in black paint where the edges ought to be) Tall frame so instead of the Walton Rd head badge it had "Harry Quinn" letters down the headtube, like the fork transfers. It had black-outlined white decals on the downtube, and no braze-ons.


Delivered in
early 1980

Tim Egerton

"Made to measure for me with shot in rear stays, very straight forks, clover cut outs in the lugs and originally sprayed in colour Champaign with white Harry Quinn lettering. Smaller Harry Quinn decals fitted to front of fork blades and rear stays."



David Stokes

 23.5" in Reynolds 531 Picture


"bought by me to my specifications from the Walton Road, Liverpool shop 02/11/1979"

Matt Taylor

 Pink with chrome chain stays and forks.


early 80s.

Simas Baranauskas

 original paint and decals


est 1980

John Pickstock

Yellow w/white panels, "Harry Quinn" deeply etched in the fork crown, engraved for a "C Collier' on bbkt. Liverpool frame one of Harry's last pieces



Carl Whitfield
(original owner George Moran from Liverpool)
22" Road Champion model of Reynolds 531 tubing. Q5164 Built 9.2.1980 in the Walton Road shop

Norm Britting

22" x 21.5", windowed lugs, Campy 1010A dropouts. Never painted, in primer, and came wrapped in July 1980 Liverpool newspapers.  The frame numbers are stamped w/an 0 w/1 thru to form the Q, while the forks are hand engraved, not stamped. They came w/one set of decals w/Liverpool Walton St. address.

/fork 5240


Norm Britting

as above

5252/fork 5249


James Stratford

Metallic red Reynolds 753 tubing. '753' is stamped on the bottom bracket. Clover cut-outs in the lugs and "Harry Quinn' engraved in fork crown. Head badge reads Great Britain. Blue decal on frame says 'Hand Built by Harry Quinn.' This is a time trial frame judging by the close clearances. among the last ones to come out of the Liverpool shop in 1980?



Anthony Ussher  same as when it left the shop Q5267 1979


Pictures on Flickr



One correspondent writes: "later frame numbers you list in the Q5300 range belong to the period after Harry had departed, when the shop was owned by Frank Clements, brother of Ernie Clements of Falcon  fame."

Stewart Reynolds  55 cm/21.75" track frame dark candy red metallic, Reynolds 531 tubing, Campagnolo ends.  Q5306

Purchased 1980's by my late farther for my brother and I to compete

David Smith

26" Reynolds 531DB Road Frame (with mudguard clearance)


"Originally purchased by me from the Liverpool shop in August 1980.   I believe it was one of the last ones supplied from the Liverpool shop as it closed down soon after I had ordered the frame."

Jack B. Friend

58 cm, Reynolds 531 SL tubing, fastback construction. Fire station red. No chrome. Vertical rear dropout. No indentation on the chain stay. A white panel on the downtube with Harry Quinn decals.


Built for me in Liverpool

Roger Molesworth
Metallic red, shimano 500 rear changer, 12 speed.
Q5590 Purchased second-hand circa 1982 from somewhere near Royston, Herts.

Tony Smith



late 1980/early 1981?

Ron ____




Gene Brown

Columbus tubing  "First Mountain bike frame ever built by Harry Quinn. Built during a Master Class with myself."



Anthony Ussher Curved seat tube TT bike Q91 ?

Sadiq Gill

Reynolds 753 crit frame  Pictures


early 1980s?

Alan James Built when Harry was in Tenby, South Wales. Q128 early 1980s?

Carl Wallace

Pink & white with chrome forks & stays.  Reynolds 653. Shimano orig parts from about 1987 - 88  Pictures


"Custom built for an Abergavenny RC rider when Harry Quinn was living in Tenby, Wales"

Graham Hicks

NOS, obviously of this era despite serial number...  Pictures



Chris Rickard

Road bike Picture

HQ 12326

Numbers don't fit any sequence?

Norman Brown Nervex lugs Q148 1988
John Ralphs  Frame model "Harrier" Club rider. 54 cm, 531c steel, Frame number Q 149. Guards red. Suntour group set. "Harry and Peter took my measurements , Bike built at Ivy Tower Farm, Tenby, Pembrokeshire. Still a superb bike to ride, Gets a lot of attention at the track. Mileage from new is about 52,ooo miles, still rides like new " Q149 Date ordered

Ian Phillips

63 cm, red, Reynolds 653 tubing


Late 1980s?

Alastair Paul Seems to have original  mid to late eighties compoments Q189
(with the “Q” formed by an “O” and an “I”)

Philip Morgan

Dark milky blue, Reynolds 531 Professional, full 'Campagnolo' group set and wheels. Pictures

(on underside of frame)

Built for me in mid 1980's as payment for some architectural work that I did for Harry and son Peter.

Gareth Webb

White, red & yellow, Reynolds 653


Built for me in 1987/88 @ St Florence, Pembrokeshire,Wales

Bob Evans

58 cm criterium frame,  white with red fade, with decals indicating Columbus steel. Pictures


Late 1980s.

Bruce Overhill

26" low profile in Colin Sturgess colours; dark pink and yellow,


"My Father bought me this from the Harry Quinn workshop in 1988"

Mark Ellison

Futura' Model frame by Harry Quinn himself in his workshop at Ivy Tower Farm, St Florence, Tenby, Pembrokeshire, Great Britain, assisted by his son Peter (co-builder from 1983 to 1993)


November / December 1989

Anthony Ussher Track Q418  

Andy Harvey

"...bought ... from Stan Jones, who rode with Bob Maitland in the TDF for BSA. Bob built the bike for Stan when he needed something easy to pedal as old age crept up on him." Picture



Alcuin Wilkie

Reynolds 531 competition sticker,  19” frame w/fork crown engraved H Q on both sides, campag dropouts, cantilever bosses, braze on rear brake cable eyelets, braze on gear lever bosses.



Eric Ludlow

Grey 23" Reynolds 653, very close clearances, full Campag. R brake cable through the top tube.



Roger Nilsen

Road, 531 tubing 


Orig owner stated purchase "in the late 1980s."

Norman Brown Small frame bought for wife. Picture Q530 1991
John Pickstock Reynolds 653, Red & white. Quinn stamped rear dropouts Q543 Told "1987"

Gregory Fleming

58 cm Reynolds 753 tubing.


Orig. owner 1990 (Centenary year)"

Mark Walmsley
Low profile "Centenary" time trail. 23 1/2" w 650C front wheel. Road version of track frame that Colin Sturgess won the pursuit World Championships.   Columbus tubing with a mixture of SL and SLX tubing, to accommodate the curved seat tube and top tube. Original pearl white.  crown is engraved  "100" w gold  laurel leaves. Raced through the nineties. Pictures Q582 1990
Orig owner, custom-built following a fitting by Harry Quinn at the industrial unit in Tenby.

Sam Eder

"Centenary Year" on the top tube. 653 tubing Also marked "painted by Cole" Picture



Simon Robinson "Centenary frame" with gold plated lugs. Marked "1880 -1990" , "100" and Harry Quinn pantographs. Q770 1990

Roy Clark

Model "Clubrider", light touring/Audax style w/531ST tubing, long pointed Prugnat lugs,"Quinn style" cut away bottom bracket,  fast back seat stays, generous fork rake. Pictures


"...one of the later Tenby built frames."   

Norman Brown Picture Q908 1991

Keith Thomas

From a vendor in Hampshire, bought up some ex-stock frames from HQ’s workshop in Wales when it closed down. late 1990’s Q063,  Also stamped “54”, frame size? Pictures

(stamped underside of bottom bracket.)


Ashley Dakin

Red w/look-to-be original black & gold edge decals. Columbus Cromor tubing. 1990s Shimano 105. Cromor frame with what look like original decals, England head badge



Kevin Mann Road, orig paint Q1096 1990s?

Bill Berry

"made for a late club mate for him to do an End to End."  in St Florence Picture


April 1992

Robert Whiting

 Grunert tubular rims on campag record hubs, campag shifters, and front mech.



Kerrin Lyons

1. Dad's bike William Eric Day (born 1915) known as Bill Day and also Banger Day. ( Banger because he was v good at knocking other riders off their bikes in track competitions!!!) Phoenix Cycle Club, Sheffield and held vets 24 hour time trail record of over 450 miles. Good friend of Lol Dodds and knew Reg Harris.

2. Bike belonged to Tony Butterworth Cycles in Sheffield (Tony sold the business in 2002). Shop was at the Leppings Lane end of Hillsborough Football ground - Sheffield Wednesday. Don’t know when father acquired bike got it because Tony lost his original frame which he’d put into the shop for repair. Tony invited him to take his pick from stock in the shop to replace the loss. Probably 30 years ago.

3. Blue is that of Sheffield Wednesday, my fathers team.                                         Pictures



Graham Watson
(orig owner)

Harry Quinn  "Cosmic", Azure blue, 23"

AO 675

Bought from Ghyllside Cycles, Ambleside on   March 26, 1987 for £240

Trevor Williams

Reynolds 753, 22" road, Campagnolo Record , Cinelli bars & saddle 


Sept 1987

Bob Evans

58 cm criterium frame, painted white with red fade, w/Columbus tubing.  Pictures


Late 1980s?

Graham Coulson

22" 653 track frame with mudguard clearance. Pictures


 1988 by Graham, Peter & Harry in   frame building course at Manorbier

John Shore

25', 531 DB, Road frame, pale blue, 3/4 rear chrome stays, full chrome front forks   Pictures


July 1988 by John Shore, Peter Quinn and Harry Quinn in frame building course at Manorbier, Tenby.

Tony Smith

A Tenby constructed 'Centenary Year' audax frame, currently white and awaiting refurbishment



Jim Laird

49 CM green "Club Rider", Columbus Aelle "...told it was owned by Harry Quinn’s son and part of a fleet of track bikes that he toured the US Velodromes promoting single speed bikes."


bought from The Tread Mill in Potsdam NY in 1992.

Dever Langholf "531 Tubing. Close clearance with short wheel base (40"). Built by me at Harry Quinn's Master Frame Building Course at his shop at Ivy Tower Farm. Peter Quinn painted the finished frame in a "radiant red and yellow" paint scheme. The frame was completed with Campagnolo Chorus group set. After 30 years the bike is still ridden on almost daily training rides"   Q9038 January 1989

 John Owen

 21" road frame



Mike Hodge

59cm, Reynolds 653.  "...from what the vendor said it's probably one of his last frames, say 1993. It cost £374!"



Mike Burton
531 ST Reynolds 22” touring frame, cantilever brakes. TA triple Originally 2 tone mint green identical to Torquil Macleod. 
 0032T255 second hand from Pedlars in Worcester in the early 1990s.

Torquil Macleod 

"From Thurso Bike Shop at the time fronted by a Mike Reid, I believe that it was one of the very last Harry Quinn cycles built in Wales..."  Picture


Purchased new in July 1993

Quinn bikes of which the serial number begins with an 'M':

"The serial numbers that start with the letter "M", followed by a number, then another letter, and finally five digits, is the format for the manufacturer Miki of Sakai, Japan.  
The "M" is for Miki, the first number is for the year of manufacture, the second letter is for the month.  The letter "A" is January, the letter "I" is not used." David Hohm

James A Barr

Red, decal on head tube " Harry Quinn, England"

M29 OAR 65


Colin Petty " I strongly suspect this is a bought-in frame, ..... with Harry Quinn transfers applied" M2G28541 ?

Chris Williams

25"  Original owner. Purchased from Reg Braddick Cardiff  Picture

 M2H 3098C


James A Barr

Red, decal on head tube " Harry Quinn, England"



Niall King

Falcon/Townsend  "Crusader" model touring frame, Shimano dropouts, Tange 2001 Mangaloy db tubing. Simpler head badge "Harry Quinn / England"

M2M 73983

Originally sold by Gittins Toys & Cycles of Oswestry.

Andrew Sayers

Crusader road bike 

M2M 74??4

bought  new from Bicycle Doctor in Manchester 1987

Louise Harrison

Women's frame, silver metallic,  10 speed

M2J 43474



25" road Pictures

 M2K 50403


Chris Littler

19 1/2" frame, bought from Dane Bridge Cycles, Northwich


orig owner, purchased
in mid 1980s

Stephen Haley

5 speed road beige with black decals, 25" frame w/26" wheels,  Shimano Tourney brakes, Simplex derailleur 

M2K 50468

About 1981, from Smalley's Cycles in Morecambe

Ken Patterson



(orig owner)

Paul Hamilton

Steel frame, blue, 23", "Lower end model"



Tom Carpenter

24" Light blue w/"Shimano Tourney brakes, Shimano RS gears."


Purchased 1983 in Birmingham

Phil Berrington   M3H73161  

Tom Fox

531c . The first two letters could be H or M followed by C or O or Q.

??M 86556


Graham Wilson

"A 'badged' non-make frame of no great quality"  23" frame. Bought from the original owner All Shimano parts, brake calipers, shifters, derailleur. Sun Race crank set. GB bars, unknown Italian Stem. Maillard hubs dated 1982.


82 or 83?

Tim Evans

Dark metallic blue, 23 inch frame. Head badge: 'Harry Quinn/England" Fitted with Shimano throughout. (Guessing made in Far East?)


late 1983
from Cycle Revival, Heathfield,
East Sussex.

Ken Patterson



(orig owner)

Paul Hamilton

Steel frame, blue, 23", "Lower end model"



John Dawson

Road 12 speed, steel blue grey, 23"


Supplied by Howarths, Northenden Rd in Sale Moor,1980s

John Dawson

Road 12 speed, steel blue grey, 23"


Supplied by Howarths, Northenden Rd in Sale Moor,1980s

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