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1920-1992... Britain's cycling champion!

          He was a World Champion track specialist. His compelling autobiography (sadly out of print) tells the tale of a self directed and strong willed man who became the best track sprinter in the world. After retiring from the racing world, he began bicycle company which was not a success. Reg then went into industrial sales and made a second fortune. Much later, at the age of 51, he staged a remarkable comeback and proved his mettle once again in the racing game! Truly Reg Harris is a worthy role model to all riders!

New York Times June 24, 1992
Reg Harris Cyclist, 72

    Reg Harris, a bicycle racer who won two silver medals at the 1948 Summer Olympics and also won a British title at the age of 54, died on Monday after suffering a stroke. He was 72 years old.
    Mr. Harris collapsed while cycling near his home Saturday, a Macclesfield Hospital spokesman said.
    Mr. Harris won a world title as an amateur in Paris in 1947 and took two silver medals at the London Games before turning professional. He won the world professional sprint championship from 1949 to 1951 and again in 1954. In 1974 he made a startling comeback to win the British professional sprint title.
   Harris is survived by his wife, Jennifer.

The 1976  autobiography
with Gregory Houston Bowden
1962 Cycling Advert with
list of models and features

'Nimrod' tests the
Reg Harris PRO in Cycling
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A genuine Reg Harris produced
bicycle, circa 1960s.

Photos courtesy Larry Osbourne.
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Peter Clark's original
(mostly) Reg Harris bike

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Reg Harris bicycle  by Viking~Lambert, circa 1973.
This is Alvin Castle's machine. Photos by Duane Kennard.



A super star with two
successful cycling careers!

An excerpt from the autobiography about the Reg Harris bicycle company  Here

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