Originally Raydons Road, Wimbledon, England

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    The Grubb bicycle was an admired artisan product dating to the beginning of the 20th Century...
    In the 1960s, the name was acquired by Holdsworth Co. in London and continued for some years, along side brands including Claud Butler, Roy Thame and Holdsworth.


1930s "Yellow Racer."

1934 lightweight "Club."

        1936 FH Grubb, 20.5 lbs, as restored by Elliot bay Bicycles in
 Seattle WA with Chater Lea crank, NOS BW hubs and Lobdell rims, 
 Lauterwasser bars and headclip-style stem with original grips.

Photos courtesy Bob Freeman
full_rh_small.jpg head_on_small.jpg head_tube_small.jpg down_tube_decal_small.jpg
down_tube_decal2_small.jpg crank_set_small.jpg seatpost_detail_small.jpg saddle_small.jpg
rear_34_small.jpg rear_hub_small.jpg front_12_lh_small.jpg head_tube_side_small.jpg
  head_tube_lh_small.jpg full_rlh_small.jpg
1950-60s bike

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