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Description "Lollipops" on seat stay tops? Serial # Owner-supplied info as to year of manufacture
Reg Gunthorpe
(2nd owner)
Road frame, filet brazed with elaborate extension from head tube on top & down tube.  Pictures None, thin tapered stay tops
96 LE
Original owner purchased from Les Ephgrave in 1949
Steve Wilkinson Mod #1 Pictures Ribs, no "lollipop tops" 267
David Crowe     347 LE


Charley Hedges Gnutti cranks, Simplex Tour de France gears, still rideable.   LE357
second hand in 1953
Tom Marshall (His Dad's) Track bike Pictures   365E It cost 25 pounds
mid fifties in Leeds?
Tony Camilleri Was late father's bike


446 ?
Keith Cramphorn  Pictures   976 LE ?
Alan Lee Chocolate brown and white   1041 Made to order in 1951 via George Brooks Cycles, North London
Fergus Priest 23" track/road drilled for brakes & mudguards. Round forks, track ends. No. 1 lugs. Also stamped w/211 on bottom bracket & fork column.   1120 Early 1950s
Roger Cooper Itala model 23.5" Originally finished in metallic bronze   1228 Orig owner 1952
Simon Ekless Track bike w #1 lugs Pictures Ribs, no "lollipop tops" LE 1609 Est 1952
Harvey Sachs Model no. 1 Pictures Ribs, no "lollipop tops" 2025LE ?
Ron Stobbart Road   753
Cliff Schubert Renolds seat post, Huret gears, Weinmann brakes, Simplex crankset   LE 2182 Probably 1953?
Clive Silver Rescued from disposal in 80's, 23" No.1. Lugs, twin plate round folks, Simplex ends. Orig light blue with "signature" transfers.   2225LE
Mick Butler Model no. 1 bottle green, lined in yellow.  Agrati ends, round  forks, double plate crown.   2269 LE Ordered 27 Nov, 1953.
Cost £16 14.0
Scott Ramsay Model Super No.1   LE 2341


John Middleton Model no1 track, originally black with gold trim and chrome dropouts.   2370 LE  Purchased by Vera Wilkinson in 1954, via George’s Cycles in Chesterfield
Don Armstrong     2641LE ? Bought  second hand for him as a 21st birthday present from wife in 1955
Gary Higgitt No. 1 21" Road Path, track ends Campagnolo pista group set.   LE 2760


Alan Brooks No. 1  


2853 LE Bought by father in 1949, Stratford, London
Brian Hamill 5 speed tandem   2948 LE Purchased for 10 pounds in 1970 when a student in London. Brought it back to Canada in December 1970.
Rob Ephgrave No 2 lug style No 3062 LE Purchased for 10 pounds in 1970 when a student in London. Brought it back to Canada in December 1970.
Mark Chowis No 1 Road & Path, 24" frame Chater Lea crankset, red anodised Airlite hubs, Continental rims, GB brake, Brooks Swallow saddle, colour cream.  Pictures Yes 3064LE "...told it was a 1958"
Michael Toomey  Track frame (road path front fork only drilled for brakes) w/chrome fork ends, 23" (60mm) seat tube, 39" wheelbase. Originally gunmetal grey w/ contrasting beige head & seat tube panels   3254 LE Purchased it as the 3rd owner in the early 1960s.
Ken Ham Orig. color pink, repainted by Ephgrave's workshop grey with green panels with  lugs lined in gold. 72deg parallel frame. Stronglight/TA chain set. Campag front changer. Simplex rear changer. Weinman centre pull brakes. Yes 3288LE Bought new in about 1959 from Ernie Pyle's cycle shop in Exeter, Devon
Mike Short  No1 Super road Yes LE 3328 


Edward Albert Filet brazed No 3335LE 1959 or 60?
Michael Shiffer Track, filet brazed No 3336LE 1961?
Glenn Robert Marland
Model Italia Pictures No 3385LE


Oliver Manton 23" road/path, drilled for a front brake. Round front forks have a spear point crown matching the spear point #1 lugs. Fork ends (track at the back) have mudguard eyes. Pictures Yes 3360LE
(also stamped 128 under bottom bracket)
Chris Colyer Orig. track but retro fitted with road dropouts Yes 3420LE 1962 from Marsh Cycles in Blatchington Road, Hove, East Sussex
Cliff Preston Owned since 1970s. Originally green with half-chromed front forks and rear ends. Yes 3434LE ?
Joel Flood Road touring Pictures Yes 3477LE ?
Mick Butler Model no. 1   3587LE ?
Eric Lalauze Model "Italia"  Picture No 3573 LE ?
Irving Mitchell     3577 LE

Bought from Les Ephgrave himself in ~ 1960

David Morton Original frame but new running gear Yes 3603 LE

? at least the 60s

Cameron Smith Restored to original color by 2nd owner.   Pictures Yes 3604 LE 1961 model originally purchased from “ A Warren” cycles & accessories of Chippenham.
Lou Reed Track 23" track frame. No.1 pattern lugs, lollypops on seat stays.   LE3625 Bought in second hand shop in Southend-on-Sea circa 1976
John Allen Campag dropouts, braze-ons for bar cons. No 3782 LE Purchased approx 1966
Forest Gate London region
Michael Shiffer Road frame, fillet brazed. Red with white panels, Campy drop-outs & braze-ons for bar cons shifters   3785


Edward Albert Model no.1 Track Yes 3787LE 1959 or 60?
Frank Ruler Unusual lugs with fastback stays


3871 ?

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