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Updated 10.15.2019

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   "(The name) Dunelt is a combination of the names of two founders, Dunford and Elliot. Originally steel makers in Sheffield, started making motorcycles in Birmingham in 1919, many having Sturmey Archer engines and gearboxes."            Wes Gadd on the CR group email list

Duneltís Birmingham factory closed in 1931. Raynal purchased the rights to build Dunelt Cycles in 1937, with factory address at Woodburn Road, Handsworth, Birmingham. Raynal was bought out by Tube Investments in 1950. becoming Dunelt Cycle Co Ltd, Cornwall Road, Smethwick, Birmingham   close the old Raynal cycle works.
Dunelt brand was transferred to Raleigh and continued to be sold especially in the USA until the late 1960s.

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Road bike, circa 1960s




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