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J. B. Brooks & Co. Ltd., Birmingham
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1940 advertisement

1933 Champion
Pictures courtesy eBay seller

1936 B-16 with aluminum alloy undercarriage
"I believe they were only produced from 1933-35. 
Mine was on a 1936 RRA that I purchased."
Karl Kimbel, Klunk Bicycles and Repair, Columbia, MO



Brooks B-17 1951 Cycling Magazine ad

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The webmaster's 1930s B17

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Model "Sprinter" (circa 1940s-50s?)

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Model B-47


Model B-57, circa 1952


Pre-1955 B-17 "Special"


Brooks B-15 Swallow

An older, yet NOS, Swallow and a newer version at Interbike 2003

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More goodies displayed at Interbike '03


Late 1990s production tan B-17 saddle...
And Proofide treatment (old style can)

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