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193 Wilmslow Road, Rusholme,
Manchester, U.K.
Special thanks to Alan Woods

      "Johnny Berry built 913 frames under his own name. The initial one, #461001, was made in 1946. His last, #741913, was finished in 1974, the year that Johnny died. The first 2 digits of a Johnny Berry serial number almost always represent the year that a frame was finished; only a small number of frames are known to have had a “0” preceding the date. The digit after the date was always a “1”. It was followed by a frame number that ran sequentially from when Johnny Berry began building under his own name."
      "After 1951, and certainly by 1953, serial numbers were always stamped under the bottom bracket shell, parallel to and near the right edge. Before 1952 or 1953, serial numbers were usually stamped on the left dropout, but some frames had numbers stamped under the bottom bracket shell. Forks always bear a corresponding serial number on the bottom of the crown."

      "Audrey McElmury, riding her Johnny Berry bicycle, won the 1969 women’s UCI Road World Championships in Brno, Czechoslovakia. Her solo victory in rainy, difficult conditions on a hilly circuit was America’s first world road cycling championship. McElmury’s World Championship-winning Berry road bicycle is now in the collection of the San Diego Hall of Champions. Johnny Berry was very proud of Audrey’s world championship victory. Some of his later frames were adorned with rainbow stripes."                                        Alan Woods

Johnny and Ida Berry's  shop in 1971 or 1972.  Note blue Berry bicycle leaning on window outside, orange Bob Jackson frameset hanging in right display window, and advertisement for Ron Kitching's "Everything Cycling" on door.

Johnny Berry in his shop
with Alan Woods'  frame set.

Alan Woods' (original owner)  #721891




Grey Taylor's blue road bike



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