BSA Cycles Ltd. (Birmingham Small Arms)
8 Armoury Road, Birmingham, England
pdated 4.25.2017

   This famous maker is remembered by many as a weapons and motorcycle manufacturer. In the 1930's through 1950's however, the BSA bicycles and components were well respected. Indeed most 6 day racers for many years used the BSA cranks, pedals and fittings.

   BSA roadster and sport bikes were popular. As with so many marques, they were absorbed by Raleigh and eventually the name was retired...

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Advertisement for 1938 models


1938 "Gold Vase"
Courtesy Peter Paine


1938 "Gold Band Special"
Courtesy Kevin Kruger

Brake Calipers
From a BSA built SUNBEAM and were operated by rods 
From eBay auction by seller "wispagifts"


1953  "Gold Vase" with
interesting changes

in 1 year !

BSA 3 Speed Hub
made by Sturmey Archer

1962 model "Golden 50"

1952 Cycling Magazine
cover featuring
"Gold Vase" model!

1950s catalog, illustrating the Golden Clubman model

1950s catalog, featuring the Tour of Britain model

1960s "Golden Century" model

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