Via Bike Shop Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Photos courtesy Duncan Granger

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An old Bianchi city bike with beautiful chromed lugs, and a Teledyne Titan with drillium in the background 


Various cycling memorabilia - note Brooklyn chewing gum in upper left corner. Also various campy derailleurs scattered about the shelves 

From l to r: Unknown city bike w/ spring saddle, Helyett special (white), one of Fred Delong's custom Paramounts (blue facing away),
Claud Butler track bike (red), small paramount (bronze), Jack Taylor frame (no fork) in lower right corner.


A neat variety of stems, some NOS (I like the spearpoints). Nice white bike in the
background - anyone recognize the seat tube decal or the head tube badge? 


Display cases full of parts line the walls. Note the TA chainrings on the top shelf,
and the unopened campy boxes in the second shelf. 


Piles of campy crank sets.


A large selection of headbadges 



A display of stems, shifters, and derailleurs from different time periods.
Curtis used to take these to bike shows for display, but got tired of lugging them around and packing/unpacking them



Stacks of things bike-related. Some nice bars in that pile. Note the NIB shoes on
top of the cases against the walls - there were other brands as well


More displays. The week before I got there, they moved 25 bicycles upstairs. Imagine this room with 25 more bicycles in it!


A bevy of Paramounts, including two tandems, and a beautiful red track iron



A selection of wood rims and wheels. Curtis tells me the rim with the metal
hoops attached was used to remove bulges from old tubes (?)

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