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First Flight Bike Shop,

Statesville, North Carolina

"Elevated chain stay" mountain bikes! Remember them?

The Alenax "TransBar Power " drive! Said to be the bike of the future! (not!)

The repair shop in back.. It's hard to see but that is a rare "Trimble"
MTB frame in the stand and a Bowden in the background.

Spence Wolfe of the Cupertino Bike Shop, California,  was famous for
his long rang gear conversions. This is a prime example.


The eccentric "Mountain Machine" with small back wheel....

Kirk Precision, a British made, cast magnesium bike (from the late 1970s?)

HUFFY "special projects" bike, possibly made under the supervision of frame builder Mike Melton.

The Exxon Graftek was an innovative USA bicycle, the first successful production carbon fiber bike.


British-born, USA domiciled Colin Laing built this very fancy lugged with first generation Dura Ace components.


And it's out the door and adios to First Flight Bike Shop.... until our next visit!

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