First Flight Bike Shop
216 S Center St., Statesville, North Carolina  
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This shop is unique in the USA. The owner, Jeff Archer, and his side kick, Wes, have created the best combination of active bike shop and "Living" bicycle museum.

The shop itself is set in the downtown area of Statesville, North Carolina, a sleepy and charming small-to-medium size town in the center (the "Piedmont") of the state. An older building, First Flight retains much of the character of the buildings age and puts the bicycles front and center.

Jeff and Wes share extremely eclectic taste in bikes, they have wonderful collectible bicycles from early antiques to ballooners to 1980s lightweights on display. But perhaps the most fascinating bikes of the collection are the early mountain bikes. These bikes demonstrated amazing Yankee ingenuity and yet few bike buffs have focused on this category (yet!) ....but First Flight has a intriguing in-depth collection.

If you are driving across North Carolina, try to swing by this shop and treat yourself to a great bike nostalgia experience. The annual swap meet there is named "The Cross Roads Meet" because Statesville is located at the intersection of Interstate 40 (east-west) and Interstate 77 (north-south).

The store front is part of a neat old section in downtown Statesville.
The Statesville Civic Center, home of the Cross Roads Swap Meet, is a block to the left.

Wes Davidson opens the door to this "Old Bike Disney World".

Just one of the show case chocked full of cycling bits and pieces.
Most are display pieces, not for sale but fun to see.

Notice that all around the upper level, the outer perimeter, is filled with the First Flight bicycle collection.


Hanging from the ceiling are even more special bikes..
Lightweight exotics and innovative (and extinct) USAmade early mountain bikes.

A Teledyne Titan, first of the titanium bikes, now are so common.
Note the radically drilled out Campagnolo cranks...


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