A Bicycle Odyssey
1417 Bridgeway, Sausalito, California   415-332-3050  web site

 This shop was founded in 1975 and has a lot of vintage style eye candy. A Bicycle Odyssey is a top shop for builder Ron Cooper's frames; there is a nice showcase dedicated to example of this famous British builder.

    The store faces the water (across the street) in the busy and beautiful Sausalito, right across the Golden Gate bridge from San Francisco.



Frames hanging from every cranny!


The front counter is always buzzing with "roadie" business....



This is a controversial frame! Discussed at length in the CR e-mail list serve,
it apparently is a properly licensed Hetchins made by Ron Cooper


Here are the Ron Cooper frames themselves.. The white-with-red-head tube frame
at the rear of the case uses Hetchins Magnum Opus replica lugs.



Another replica bike? Made by Cooper again? This time in the style of the a Paris Galibier.

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