The Netherlands

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Established in 1892, Gazelle has a rich history of bicycle making. The company's history is on it's web site HERE   A neat old film with footage of the 1925 Gazelle factory on Vimeo HERE Serial numbers for Gazelle Champion Mondail HERE

Post-war poster
"Warning Unexploded Bomb"

The factory in
Dieren, The Netherlands

Picture courtesy Roger Grund

Gazelle-Campagnolo jersey
Picture courtesy of J. Holland

Model AA Special frame sets from 1970s.
Pictures courtesy Jos van Veldhoven

1975 with serial number
# 3176289

  Champion Mondiale 1975
# 3176298

1970s road bike as seen at
the 2007 Cirque du Cyclisme

  Formula Race frame, late 1980s/early 1990s.
Courtesy Jos van Veldhoven 

Two beautiful model AA Specials
Pictures courtesy J. Holland

1978 Gazelle Champion AA


 1979 model AA Champion
Pictures courtesy J. Holland




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