Updated 11.15.2010 
Reggestraat 34/1, 1078DA Amsterdam, Netherlands
Tel: 020 6714140

Update 2.24.2005: 
Ko Zieleman has retired and is no longer building frames.


  ".....one of the best kept secrets among Dutch frame builders: the bikes made by ZIELEMAN (pronounced: Zeel-a-man) in Amsterdam. Even in the Netherlands only a few ageing cycling aficionados have heard about him. It is the kind of exclusive bike a retired pro would ride when no longer under sponsor obligations. These lugged steel bikes to my mind have been on a par with all the Colnagos, Masis and Pinarellos of this world for the past 30 years at least.
     In an unassuming little workshop Zieleman still builds frames. RIH and Zieleman are the only two (Amsterdam based) independent master frame builders left in the Netherlands as far as I know who are still in business."
Luke van Iwaarden, Amsterdam

Luke van Iwaarden's Zieleman Type Special circa  1980;
Columbus tubes, Cinelli lugs, stem and bars, Campagnolo dropouts,
Campagnolo Super Record gruppo, Mavic 190FB rims.



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