Wim van de Kaaij passed away Friday, Dec 12, 2014, age 77

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Shop closed in 2012, then re-opened,
but now closed again.

Picture courtesy Jim Cole

      "RIH was formed in 1921 by the Bustraan brothers in the Jordaan in Amsterdam, Holland. The name RIH is for the name of an Arabian stallion ridden by one of the characters in a Karl May novel which was very popular at the time (and still are in Europe). RIH's first championship was in 1924 when Jan Hijzelendoorn (a butcher) rode a Bustraan brothers frame to the sprint and 1 kilometre titles in the Dutch National Champions."
      "In 1928 the firm moved to its present address in Amsterdam Also in 1928 Willem Bustraan Jr. joined the business with his father and Uncle."
      "In 1948 Wim van der Kaaij joined the RIH business as an apprentice, he is the
the sole owner and still builds frames, while already over 70 years of age. (RIP 2014)"
      "It is estimated that RIH frames have been ridden to over 350 national championships in both road and track events and 63 World and Olympic titles."

Special thanks for translation to Freek Faro and Marty Eison


Post script:
"The Westerstaat location was sold when van der Kaaij retired, and the shop resurfaced in Amsterdam Noord when there appeared a buyer. Van der Kaaij taught the buyers until the day he died. The shiny new shop in Amsterdam Noord has now closed apparently, the framebuilder has set up shop under his own name and the only thing on the website is a mobile number."
 Submitted by Marten Gerritsen on the Classic Rendezvous Google group

1960s bicycle as in use in NYC
pictures courtesy Andrei Padlowski

A frame set built by Fongers-RIH in Groningen, under license  from RIH, as an upgrade and sporty addition
Pictures courtesy Freek Faro


Marten Gerritsen's RIH


 by WeAreThePeople


 by WeAreThePeople


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