The best bicycle racer of all time!

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   Eddy Merckx branded bicycles have been made by various select builders/manufacturers:  Italy's Pela, Masi, Colnago, DeRosa... Britain's Falcon... Belgium's Kessels ... and Terryn and Japan's Miyata. 
   And then by Eddy Merckx himself in his own workshop

2010 bicycle line catalog cover with vintage Eddy picture

Who made the bikes Eddy rode in his career?  HERE

The early years


 Worlds Championship jersey and
1971 Tour de France.

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 Eddy Merckx bicycle serial number registry  HERE
made in Eddy's workshop (other country's serial numbers maybe later)

Jean Boijen's very interesting Merckx Pista bicycle: made by ?


The Hour Record: History and Controversy
Oct 25, 1972, Eddy set an astounding record that would last for many years.

Eddy and the Hour
Bicycle Guide magazine article, March 1991
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(Scans courtesy Mark Bulgier)

1972 Hour Record bike (one of two?) built by Colnago
photo by Tom Maloney ~Cycling News


Excerpt from "La Course en TÍte" or "Head Of the Field", featuring
the record-setting Hour Record in Mexico City on October 25th, 1972


Eddy opened his own frame building shop in 1980:

Eddy and his mentor, Ugo DeRosa

Views of the Merckx factory

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 1980 Eddy Merckx
as seen on eBay by  seller "henczy"
The description:  First Generation Eddy Merckx/Ugo De Rosa road bike from 1980 in excellent vintage condition! High-end model (A6) from the first year of the Belgian road bike manufacture, made with Columbus tubes and Campagnolo drop outs, designed by Eddy Merckx with the assistance of Ugo de Rosa! "

Kevin Kruger's aero tubed #E 2534


1982 complete pro bike
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Early 1980s Merckx made bike, serial #E 5306.
The chrome lugs make this an unusual version.


 Matthew Simon's Pista # E 9701


Genuine  7-11 Team bike  #A 9816




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