Vintage Eddy Merckx
serial number registry

Updated 2.9.2016

Owner Description Serial number Est. date of manufacture
Kevin Kruger Road, aero tubed model pictures E 2534  Early 1980s?
John Borromeo silver matte, size 56 E 3674  
Scott Ramsay Road racing pictures  E 5306  Early 1980?
Matthew Simon Pista  pictures  E 9701 Pre 1980?
David Shelor Genuine 7-11 team road bike pictures  A 9816 Late 1980s
Jim Laird 7-11 colors pictures H3XB2151 1989 (as reported by orig. owner)
Steven Pike Telekom team (with Pro Tag)  Walter Godefroot) former manager of Telekom. Also possibly used by Axel Merckx. D1591 1991?

Please submit your classic made-in-Belgium Eddy Merckx, especially if you are
the original owner and can help establish chronology. web master

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