Derailleur systems by Siegmund Werner, Vienna


The SUWE-Cortina was the third derailleur model of the Viennese Siegmund Werner and introduced in 1953. The essential difference to its forerunner, the SUWE Kandahar is the parallellogram principle. Primarily Werner used to produce bicycles and bindings for skis.

Source: Wiener Mechanikerräder 1930-1980. Zappe, Schmidl, Strubreiter und Schuster. Purkersdorf 2013 http://www.wiener-mechanikerraeder.a
Christoph Ulbrich 8.22.2014 on CR Google group

An NOS rear Cortina derailleur
Pictures courtesy eBay seller Campystar


SUWE Cortina rear derailleur set & misc pictures:


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